Wednesday, September 26 2018

Using Music As A Medicine For Heartbreak

Has The Time Finally Come For A Middle Class In Music?

The Power of Meditation & What It Can Do For Artists & Creatives

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If the past few years have taught humans anything, its that we’re a highly emotional and expressive race of beings. As much as “civilized” society tries to elude us to the idea of normality and obedience amongst one another, we’re continually being proven every day that there’s nothing uniform in the way we behave in …

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Currently in music, we the people and especially labels get engrossed on the number of plays on streaming platforms or the number of likes and followers on social media. What is on the Billboard charts? Who was the top streamer last week? All answers focus on data. Although analyzing musical metrics is phenomenal if you …

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Once or so often in a generation of artists, you come across music that speaks to you in a way nothing before it had the ability to do. Not that its any better than anything you’ve ever heard before, just that it moves you in a way that has never been quite like how you …

In today’s world of lackluster music filled to the brim with gimmicks, its becoming more and more rare that we see artists that aren’t all flash and dramatics. Though there’s nothing wrong with adding a little character to your artistry, its refreshing to see someone who doesn’t need to do anything else but make music …

The music world is a lot like Alice’s Wonderland.  You’ll come across not only the most entertaining of characters full of life and wonder, but also learn a bit about yourself as you connect with various professionals that make up all the different occupations that make music.  For decades people have always looked at music …