An Artist’s Best Friend: Brianna DeMayo aka Breezy B

As an artist one of the biggest obstacles you will face while trying to get “put on” will be finding solid, authentic individuals that can help your music and your brand reach the ears and eyes of new listeners that can potentially become supporters of your work and consumers of your merchandise. While many artists really think there’s just people lining up around the block to do all the work to help them in advancing their careers, once you’ve spent ample time (We’re talking at least 2-3 years or more these days), you’ll come to realize that it doesn’t necessarily work that way. Unless you have a cousin who knows an Atlantic or Def Jam exec, there’s hoops you have to jump through and hurdles you’ll have to jump over just even invited to knock on the door of the industry. And even then, don’t even expect to get let in after knocking. That’s why you have to utilize the resources around you to build on your own. Especially in today’s oversaturated online market. Its for that reason, the universe has blessed artists with people like Brianna DeMayo aka Breezy B.

I first encountered Brianna in 2013, when we were both writing for Rap Rehab. I loved her writing style and could feel a passion in her work that aligned with my own. After a couple online correspondences, we jumped on a call and just picked each other’s brains for a bit. After the call she told me of her plan to start her own consulting/P.R company that would eventually become ExclusivePublic.  While building her brand and expanding her network, she continued to remain true to her word in helping artists learn the tricks of the trade in outlining online resources and increasing their chances of being heard by the right ears by constantly pumping out advice on Twitter as well as publishing articles to her blog, She’s also created a “How To” online platform full of resources to help new artists in getting their start in the industry,

Based out of Philadelphia, Breezy has a deep background in music and has managed to strengthen herself as a viable asset for any aspiring artist looking to grow their listening base and expand their online connections. With a team of writers and a solid ear for incredible music, she really is pushing the culture forward with every tweet, every post, every idea put into action. She’s always trying to inspire and motivate her followers and build her understanding of the music business from the inside out.

Its a cutthroat world out there, and the industry is full of sharks looking to sink their teeth into fresh meat every chance they get. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years in music, its that you can’t be too careful with who you connect with and what you share with them. That’s why finding genuine, honest & hardworking professionals like Breezy is a blessing every artist should be grateful for. Check her out at Taste Creators  & ExclusivePublic and definitely take the time to read some of her work and follow her on Twitter. You never know, one of her tweets or articles may offer you the missing piece to make that next step to get you one step closer to your dreams. That’s something we can all be grateful for in the modern day music world. It really is a brand new day.

If you’re an artist interested in seeking help from Breezy, check out & fill out the contact form.

For your listening pleasure, we’ve posted one of TC’s “Tasty Tuesdays” playlist from the week of 6/6/17 in this write-up.

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