Evolsi: A Divine Experience in Harmonious Bliss

Evolsi isn’t just a dreamy voice with a sensual vibe. She’s a vibrant force to be reckoned with in the studio and on stage. Full of life, love, and an empathic eloquence that’s missing to an extraordinary degree amongst young female & male artists alike; discovering her was the perfect example of finding a diamond in the rough. While most of music today is centered around a shallow & materialistic approach to living and relationships, her music is deep as it is empowering.

Truth be told I don’t even remember how I stumbled across her. It may have just been a random criss-cross of twitter fate, but once I pressed play on her Soundcloud page, I knew she’d be an NMR favorite from word ‘Go.’ An artist like her is the reason I created NMR. A complete and fresh sound that is as vast and all-encompassing as it is memorable, her songwriting is what drew me to her the most. While many artists today are trying to find themselves with difficulty defining their sound, hers doesn’t need to be defined as it speaks for itself with certainty and adornment. She’s a hybrid of sorts. Infusing a perfect blend of Rock, Soul, Pop, & Electronic; whether she’s solo or one-half of the duo SWANS, there’s nothing this masterful performer/songwriter/producer can’t do musically.

Not just a talented artist, as a recent graduate of Texas State University in San Marcos, she’s a down to earth, round-about human being.  Strong, confident, sincere & heartfelt, her future amongst the stars awaits as she heads out to LA during the summer of 2017 to further pursue her artistic endeavors.  After releasing the Paradigms EP in 2016, she’s since then been working on building her streaming numbers with covers, singles and collabs with her partner in crime for SWAN. You can check out some of her most recent songs in her self-published playlist on SoundCloud below.


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