A Digital Marketing Brick Layer: W. Tyler Allen

When it comes to music, there’s definitely no shortage of tips that can be helpful and fruitful for you as you build yourself as an artist, whether it be creatively or professionally. While the industry has shifted immensely in recent years, nothing substitutes experience, drive and old school work ethic. I know on the surface as an aspiring artist, it seems like music is all partying, girls, bullshit and studio/writing sessions, but if you don’t have a team around you doing the legwork needed to keep the wheels turning as a brand, you will fall flat on your face time and time again, taking a couple steps back each time. While I’m no one to focus too much on the negative, lets face it, that’s just life. In the case this happens to you, just know even trying to find your footing while getting back on track can be a daunting task. But luckily there’s folks like W. Tyler Allen out there that can help you regroup in order to compete with the industry’s titans of tomorrow.

Starting his career at Sony Music in artist development, W. Tyler has since then branched out on his own to start his own company, W. Tyler Consulting, for which he uses his expertise on the business side of spectrum to share knowledge and resources as a digital marketing strategist. Using a combination of industry know-how and best advertising practices, Mr. Allen spends his days working with dozens of artists, labels, tech companies and more on their digital presence, outreach and strategy.

Regularly active on Twitter, W. Tyler Allen has definitely garnered the respect and praise of his peers as well as aspiring artists, as he never hesitates in keeping it one hundred with advice and lets his followers know exactly how he feels about everything from what not to do as an artist, to what artists should be doing more of. Every opinion he shares is straight, no chaser & in the world where we’re constantly seeking approval and notoriety with others, he’s definitely a “no bullshit” kinda guy. Which is exactly why I have come to appreciate his contribution to music on the business end of the table. He’s definitely a formidable friend to have in your corner when you’re looking to change things up and search for a new strategy and resources better suited for your career’s needs. As a bit of inspiration to show his worth as a follow on Twitter, I’ve shared a few of his insightful tweets just to give you that extra push to try to connect.

You can check out more of W. Tyler Allen’s work at his official website WTylerConsulting.com. I’ve even provided a link to one of his most recent blog posts that’s definitely worth a read for those who are still finding trouble learning discipline in the ways of the independent warrior.

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