The Power of the Playlist Will Change Music Forever Once People Learn How to Use It

Throughout history, music has played a vital role in contributing to the evolution of society.  Anyone who argues against that either lives in a cave, thousands a miles away from modern civilization or has worked in a cubicle so long, they may as well be dead. No but really, to not see how much music changes our society & how much it influences people of every background from all over the world just goes to show how out of touch some can be in this ever-so-changing world of new trends every 48 hours. Watching music evolve over the years has been one of the most exciting aspects of being a fan, artist and enthusiast. It has allowed me to develop a relationship with it that helped me steer through life’s trials and tribulations with sheer motivation just a button push away.

One of the most attractive qualities of recorded music, has always been how we can transform the listening experience to fit our varying tastes & serve an assortment of purposes.  Thanks to the advancement of technology, we’ve traveled quite a ways away from homemade mixtapes & burned CD’s, to a handheld device w/capability to playback millions of songs pulled from a vast array of online networks, that can be made offline with a paid subscription and a personalized playlist. Traditional radio programs & DJ’s are phasing out as the age of streaming continues to rise up taking music experiences to new heights. While some are still having trouble catching up, those of us who have embraced the digital revolution with open arms are fashioning the music trends of tomorrow, one stream at a time.

The power of music isn’t just in how it makes us feel for that moment. Its in how it continues to affect us long after a song has finished playing. The energy that motivates us to create a reality that encapsulates our own divinity in the most illustrious fashion comes from music & the culture it shapes. That’s why its important to preserve classic music & continue to bring it to the surface of modern day society. Playlists can do just that. As both an artist and a tastemaker, I’ve come to learn to utilize how I consume music on a daily basis, that carves out a soundtrack to my every day life; bridging old memories of storied glory, to a vision of what tomorrow will bring after the smoke has cleared from my day to day trials and tribulations. In doing this, I continue to evolve in how I allow the music to affect me as well as continue to develop my creative nature form within.

I subscribe to three different streaming music services: Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Altogether my subscription fees run about $24 a month. By investing that money into my regular music consumption it allows me to stay up to date with current trends, revitalize my personal collection & organize it in unique ways that keep both newer and older music relevant in my every day listening experience. What streaming has given us is complete control over instantaneous playback, freeing us from preordained radio rotations and that restrictive artist access from playing full-length albums. We also no longer have limitations on storage space and the downgraded quality that were once part of the disadvantages of MP3’s as I’m sure most experienced and established artists upload HQ WAV files to be shared on streaming platforms.

As I’ve evolved as a streaming consumer, I’ve realized that there’s plenty of music from my favorite artists that I won’t be interested in listening to every day. On those days I’ll likely switch gears to Internet Radio on Spotify or Apple Music, adding previously undiscovered music to one of my numerous discovery playlists. From that point on, my world has expanded to include new sounds from a previously unheard artist; a luxury I didn’t have 7 or 8 years ago. Add that to immediate access to catalogues of newfound artists on social media, and I’ve now turned my smart device into a hub of seemingly unrestricted capabilities in the ways it serves me, in order to find any and every kind of artist’s media from anywhere in the world. Its mind boggling when you sit and really think about it.

My playlists range are thematic by design. From working out, to doing various types of research, writing, musical/creative motivation, cruising the city, to work-tripping, there are a vast array of functions a playlist of mine has to enrich my lifestyle and enhance my creativity. Music is like a medicine for me as I’m sure it is for many of you reading this post. Its a natural energy booster, causing a chemical reaction within that can’t really be explained in typical layman terminology. That’s why athletes are so serious about the music in their pre-game rituals. Footage of any athlete preparing for competition just proves how music prepares us mentally for dismantling obstacles in front of us. That is why music in itself is coveted by the listener. Its value can’t be measured by dollar figures or streaming numbers. Its power is relentless & the places it takes us explore the far reaches of our consciousness; allowing us to see deeper into ourselves than ever imagined. For these reasons is why sharing music creates a bond between loved ones & strangers alike. It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

From popular tastemaker playlists on Spotify or Apple Music launching artists’ careers, to those of us building brands as professional curators to promote up & coming artists’ work, its apparent that the new wave of experiencing and sharing music is through the playlist. And while traditional means of music consumption are still holding on for dear life to what’s left of the original music business model, there’s no denying the direction technology is taking us is we venture further into the 21st century. That being said, I’ve definitely embraced this shift in artist mediums as it allows to experience one of the most intimate & influential expressions of self, free from restriction or undue influence.

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