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The rise of digital media in the past 10 years has completely changed the entertainment industry in ways that would probably give 1970’s record execs strokes, if they saw how much various label resources have transformed to being almost all but non-existent today. It seems there’s not much use anymore for A&R’s or in-house P.R. when there’s endless online resources and digital marketing services floating around the inter-webs on every page you browse.  In the past 10 years alone we’ve seen magazines merge with online blogs and change how we experience music, learning more about the process artists go through while recording and distributing the songs that soundtrack our every day lives.  Also leading the charge in the modern day era of music are writing/marketing/strategizing specialists that are helping the newcomers of today develop the skills they need to survive in the ever-changing music business, in order maintain a presence tomorrow. One of those specialists doing his duty to steer culture forward is Joe Hova of

Joe Hova is a digital media marketing strategist & blogger who has spent the past 5 years building his platform & expand his network to assist DIY artists get more online coverage for their music/brand.  With an impeccable ear for talent, down-to-earth demeanor, and sensible approach to media, he’s gained the trust and reputation of numerous independent artists and bloggers alike. With a consistent grind and passion for the music, he’s definitely someone you want to have in your corner as a new artist, trying to learn the tricks of the trade in order to standout amidst a vastly growing market of recording artists just fighting for the chance to be heard.

I first encountered Joe about 4 years ago while promoting some of the music I had recorded for a project I was working on in 2014.  As I was trying to build a following by increasing my music’s visibility amongst smaller, more attentive blogs, I came across his site and after an initial submission, he continued to show love for the work I sent to him from that point on.  As I’ve transitioned through music and writing, I’ve kept up with the work he’s done and am proud to say he’s become a valuable connection in discovering new talent and sharing vital information to help independent artists further their career.

Joe Hova has continued to expand in the ways he uses social media to network and build with artists, offering advice editorials via JoeHovasMf, regular live periscope short-vlogs directly from Twitter, consistent engagement with followers and continuous involvement with trending discussions. As a digital media strategist, he offers consolation services to help artists organize and plan proper marketing and press releases for their singles, visuals and projects.  Having such a hardworking and passionate professional on your side isn’t just one of the advantages of living in the modern era of music & media, its a blessing, as genuine and sincere individuals are a commodity in this cut-throat business. I highly suggest following JoeHova on Twitter and check out more of his work at his official site,

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