NMR Presents: RAP TV Vol. 1

Music is not only a bi-product of an artist’s experience, it also has the alchemical ability to cultivate new experiences, over and over again. We not only allow music to serve as soundtracks to enhance our daily routines while scurrying through this maze of living, but also use it as a means to fill in the gaps of what’s missing in the moments that create our worlds. Be it conversation, recreational activity, or just a sheer lack of excitement, music provides an element to our surroundings that can’t be substituted by any other medium.

Its not just the audio aspect of music that offers us guidance and insight to the layers of complexity that from the stories within that we share, its also the visuals that accompany the element to create a wholesome manifestation of both actual and alternate realities.  That’s why music videos will forever be what completes the formula of a musical composition. Its what creates a visual bond between every human intertwined in the experience, be it real or fictitious.

Televised music video programs that birthed MTV, VH1, MTV and others did more than provide an extension of a commercial commodity for marketing purposes. It gave the audience a visual reality to connect with. What began with televised live performances such as American Bandstand or Captain Kangaroo, transformed into Music Video Countdowns & Rockumentaries. These additional aspects to the music solidified experiences as memories that molded artistic visual imagination with alternative ways to escape mundane moments in our every day lives.

As media has evolved so have the visual components that offer us a window into the world of the creators. Its for this reason visuals for music are still so important to preserve many of the stories these artists tell in their work.  While times have changed and MTV & BET have completely abandoned their original platform along with the content they once promoted, modern technology has finally caught up to give us online streaming capabilities from our smart TV’s by using integrated Apps, Amazon Firesticks & Google Chromecasts.  So, in order to continue carrying on the time-honored tradition of lounging around & watching music videos continuously for an hour or so, we here at NMR have decided to publish music video playlists on YouTube.

We’ll be making this a regular routine, hopefully weekly, switching up the themes and artists curated for our playlists. While I hope this new approach to music video publication offers something unique to your experience on our platform, I do hope it allows for the opportunity to do what NMR in itself is designed to do, and that’s help you discover unheard music & artists to expand your digital world that much more.

You can expect the next installment to be more multidimensional in the selection of genres we use in order to change up the audience’s range for potential exposure, but for now we proudly present to you NMR’s Rap TV Vol. 1, featuring Joe Budden, Freddie Gibbs, Big Boi, Joyner Lucas and more.

Don’t hesitate to Subscribe to our YT Channel, as we build & grow so will the video content published & shared. Welcome to the revolution.

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