B.O.B Still Makes Magic Regardless Of His Beliefs.

Nothing is more tragic than seeing an artist lose their stride and fall from grace. No words can describe the feeling one gets when they see those they looked up to show signs of vulnerability. Its a reminder to us that nobody is impervious to perils of defeat.

B.O.B without a doubt was one of the brightest stars of the early 2010’s. His hits and catalogue speak for themselves. But when he came forward with his belief in the “Flat-Earth Theory”, fake moon landing, as well as numerous infamously known conspiracies, he was determined to ignite fires in the consciousness of every human who had ever uttered his name; including many who probably never had before.

There’s no need to tell his story as for the past 2 years we’ve seen it continue to unfold day by day w/random tweets & social media quips to jab at fans and foes still latched on ideologies of mainstream reality.  As far as being one of the Titans of the hip-hop world, well it seems like those days are long gone. But truth be told, while observing all those who have a stronghold on the commercial arena, maybe he’s better off. Thing is, since then The Flat Earth theory has only grown in its effects on the collective consciousness of the world abroad. Its being discussed every day on every social media outlet imaginable & Joe Rogan seems to have deemed himself the ultimate defender of the globe-earth.

But truth be told, I’ve studied the Flat Earth Theory, and while I’m not ready to lead an expedition to the outer reaches of the firmament just yet, I can say there are some interesting arguments made to make the cases of flat-earthers. But I’m not here to discuss whether there’s a dome above us or not. To be quite honest, I could really give a shit. It could be the shape of a donut for all I give a damn. All I do know is its sad to see so many fans turn their backs on Bobby Ray regardless of what he believes; because lets face it, there probably isn’t a human in the world that doesn’t believe something so wild, their own family refuses to discuss it at the dinner table.

That doesn’t change the fact that B.O.B he’s still pumping out great music. And now that he’s no longer under contract w/Atlantic Records, I have a feeling we’ll be getting right back to that good ‘ole BOB. Giving us what matters most, great music to appreciate while trying to fight our way through the chaos of every day life.

B.O.B’s recent album Ether is definitely one of his most solid projects as of recent & this pop meshed single w/CeeLo Green & Usher is just the song to remind you that B.O.B can still give you that feeling that keeps you all warm inside.


For all those who think B.O.B lost his musical footing along with his grip of what everyone believes to be ultimate reality, this playlist I’ve put together featuring some of my favorite tracks on each of Bobby Ray’s ‘Elements’ mixtapes, should be proof that even conspiracies can make for most thought provoking music & possibly open our minds to what its like to live in B.O.B’s world.


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