DOEMAN: A Rapper Of The People For The People

Few artists have the ability to capture a listener on command in the first listen. When searching for new music to serve as the soundtrack to your day to day life, its rare you press play and immediately the sound hits you like a semi flying through city streets obliterating everything in site. Houston, Tx’s Doeman is an artist with that sound.

Doeman is a a vicious lyricist that boasts and professes with a quick stroke of his pen. His production is as hard hitting as his lyrical prowess and swift-paced back & forth delivery as there’s not a single speaker or earphone that doesn’t suffer an audio onslaught of catastrophic proportions when one of his records pops up on playlist rotations.  The man is an M.C.’s M.C. taking an ode from some of the greatest lyricists in history and infusing it with modern day dialogue and criss-crossed rhyme schemes.

I was first taken away by O.B.E, his 2016 mixtape, embarking on my first experience simply out of sheer curiosity for the tittle alone. As a man familiar with the alternate worlds traveled upon while under the influences of psychedelic substances, I wanted to know if an artist using such a title to describe a body of work lived up to the challenge I had already imposed upon him. All it took was :30 of the opening track to provide me with an answer. The energy, the vibe, the overall composition is everything hip-hop was made to be. I can honestly say, my life has improved as a result of the music he’s introduced to my life. As much as everyone argues about the state of hip-hop and who deserves to be jolted on the shoulders of the masses and carried around as if they’ve just prevented the collapse of mankind, he’ll definitely serve as a prime candidate for such an honor.

We’ve only begin to see where his future will take him, as there’s at least a decade left for this warrior to leave his mark on the battlefield of hip-hop & make a conscious impact on the youth in the process. Check out his most recent project, Barrio God Vol. 1 on his Soundcloud & definitely give him a follow on Twitter.


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