DAYWLK: A Trans-dimentional shift of Artistic Embodiment

Artistry is a blessing to all. There are no limits to the ways it can affect both those who possess it and those who appreciate and consume it. Its meant to stimulate us mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Its meant to teach us as well as entertain us. Some artists however can do more than just entertain you with their unique blend of word and song. They can connect with you on a level that almost feels extrasensory and use kinetic energy to alter the makeup of your being. Its those artists that redefine cultures and recreate futures.

Daywlk, formerly Leif is one of those artists that comes along once in a generation. Not just because of his music, which is some of the best multi-genre infused work I’ve heard in years, but also his general essence of being as a human. Kind, endearing, compassionate and understanding, he puts his heart & spirit into every song written, every note sung, every beat composed. A rapper, singer, songwriter, producer (I think he may engineer as well), he is the epitome of what the past 40-50 years of music have manifested in 2017. A smooth, soulful yet nuanced sound with multiple layers to each composition, his music is a gift that keeps on giving. I first heard his 2015 release “Haikus” while teaching through my Soundcloud suggestions and was immediately hooked. It was so timely and fresh; so well crafted and carefully comprised with melodies over a key-infused beat. The lyrics spoke to me as they were as true to the heart as anything anyone else was writing at the time; touching on a myriad of metaphysical interpretation mixed with a wandering, spiritual element to the song.

Hailing out of Atlanta, GA the 21 year old has so much wisdom to offer not only in his music but also with his social media posts. His twitter account is a delight for anyone who favors positivity and spiritually enlightening dialogue to help motivate them throughout the day. I linked up with him to assist me with vocals for an unreleased song of mine and since then I’ve supported everything he’s released. Fresh off his Pink EP, his music is sure to be a pleasure to anyone willing to give it a listen with an open mind & spirit as he has more to offer than just music to bounce to; although that’s there too. If you’re looking for a fresh and fanciful sound, give Day a try. Your soul will thank you later.

Here’s a playlist Day has featured on his SoundCloud page. The final track is Haikus, one of my all-time personal favorites.

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