Rowlan: A Warrior’s Grind

In today’s world of lackluster music filled to the brim with gimmicks, its becoming more and more rare that we see artists that aren’t all flash and dramatics. Though there’s nothing wrong with adding a little character to your artistry, its refreshing to see someone who doesn’t need to do anything else but make music and be themselves. That’s what we get with 24 year old Rowlan, a deep, emotive and thought provoking Rap/Indie recording artist out of LA by way of Cape Cod & Harwich, Massachusetts.

For the past 5 years Rowlan has been steady releasing stand-out music, 6 EP/albums, and several dozen singles on every streaming platform from Soundcloud to Youtube and Apple Music. In a day where strong singles released consistently in no particular time frame has become more of the norm for artists, its definitely becoming more difficult to separate yourself from the crowd in the ever-expanding world of hip-hop/rap music. However, a signature sound and proper branding continue to be what helps artists shine brighter than their counterparts in order to breakthrough into larger audiences, building a strong and steady support group of listeners as they go.

What Rowlan has done that has allowed for his continued success is master a formula that we’ve seen work before for artists like G-Eazy and Russ that have risen to the mountaintop of their musical endeavors by defining their own style and continuously pushing out new music at a rapid rate, while maintaining consistency in the strength of the records. By building a strong catalogue after years of grinding away making music, artists like Rowlan have put themselves in the driver seat of their own destinies. The man is a machine and just when you think you’ve heard one of his best works, he drops another gem to remind you that this is not just what he does, this is who he is.

For a little over a year now, since I first came across his music from random Soundcloud discovery, I’ve watched Rowlan’s journey from afar, seeing him put in the necessary work it really takes to become a superstar of tomorrow in this new world of digital streams amidst short and fragile attention spans. Not only is his the grind there, but the music has continuous playback value, which is why he’s a regular on our unique blend of themed playlists at NMR.

To get a better idea of why we’ve given him a feature post on our site, try his self-composed monster playlist to get yourself familiar and learn a thing or two about an artist who you’ll sure to be hearing more and more about as he ascends to his rightful place amongst the innovators of the industry, because I have a feeling his reach of impact may be something we have never seen before. Also follow him on all social media platforms, links can be found at his official website: Also check out this great writeup on VergeCampus for more about this Standout artist & his story.

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