Has The Time Finally Come For A Middle Class In Music?

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The Power of Meditation & What It Can Do For Artists & Creatives

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Dear FM Radio, Your Services Are No Longer Needed

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Some of the most coveted songs in the history of popular music have always held a certain sentiment within the listening audience.  Its the moments we each share while listening to our favorite songs that give them value to us.  Though Billboard Charts and Nielson SoundScan numbers try to measure music’s worth in dollar amounts, …

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If there’s one thing life teaches us, its that there is no real, tangible explanation for some experiences and phenomena. Whether it be an eye opening recreational adventure that lead to a near death encounter we’ve had or heard about from a close personal loved one, or a wildly unexpected and short-lived romantic relationship that …

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The internet has been the most fascinating creation mankind has offered to computer users worldwide for well over 20 years now. Its the perfect place to tell a story that combines glory and shame so eloquently in the same discussion. When it comes to what drives our craving for entertainment, there’s almost no barriers or …

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There was once a time when FM radio held the keys to the kingdom for artists. Just one radio single could make or even break a new artist’s career. Back-to-back singles paved the way for the road to superstardom. It was quite possibly the only way for you to expand your listening audience further than …

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