Fxcking Beautiful

Another eclectic mix of beautiful sounds to allow you to forgot about the problems of the world for a brief while and get lost in the music.


No Genre Needed

These artists right here… Don’t need to be boxed in by genres, their work is that damn good. Check this playlist, follow us on Spotify & share w/all your peoples. The revolution will be heard!

NMR’s Fresh Flows Vol. 1

You think there aren’t artists in today’s world of hip-hop that can’t murder the mic like th idols of the early days? We disagree. Check this batch of fresh cuts that’ll keep your speakers knockin’ for a bit, then follow us and share w/your friends & fam!

Welcome to the Revolution

Our first public playlist on Spotify. A new way to listen to discover music. All genres, all fireeee!!

The Vibe Is Real

A blend of some of the most vibrant sounds floating around online. A perfect playlist to unwind after a long day on the grind.

The Underground Railroad Vol. 4

Our fourth installment of TUR features some of hottest tracks from some of the most promising up & comers in Hip-Hop just yearning for the chance to break into the mainstream.


Take a glimpse into our world & the sounds that move us. An eclectic mix of every genre to help your daily commutes be a little less unbearable.

A Brave New World

The superstars of tomorrow, shining bright today.

Vibin’ Out

An Indie mix to add some audio ambiance to your every day routine.

Summer Dayyzzz

What better way to get your mind off the summer heat then with some of the hottest new artists buzzing online? NMR’s gotcha covered.

What Does Love Sound Like?

The sounds of love as only music can encapsulate.

The Underground Railrod Vol. 3

Think Hip-Hop’s dead??? This collection of strong singles from these up & comers may have you thinking twice before believing that.

The Underground Railroad Vol. 2

The second installment of The Underground Railroad, featuring some of the most talented MC’s that re just one hit away from Itunes/Spotify tastemaker playlists.

Fxck Radio!

FM radio’s got nothin on our collection of buzz-worthy music.

Better Than Radio Mix I

FM radio, you’ve been cancelled.

NMR & Chill Vol. 1

When you just wanna vibe out w/bae & listen to music to set the mood.

The Underground Railroad Vol. 1

Our first installment of The Underground Railroad featuring some of the most talented M.C.’s discovered online. Start re-writing your Top 10 lists now.

Hustle & Flow

We’ve gathered music from some of the most promising up & coming artists in Hip-Hop & presented them to you in a fire new playlist.

Lost in the Clouds

Sometimes, its best to just forget the world & get lost in the music.

NMR Radio

Hello world, NMR has arrived.