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Has The Time Finally Come For A Middle Class In Music?

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For generations, the music the mass general public has been subject to consuming has been controlled by the power of a select few companies that reign supreme within the upper echelons of corporate America.  As a result, often its been compromised, watered down and carefully distributed by a finely tuned profit machine that has developed …

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We are in the grunge period of hip-hop. There’s rebellion and social status markers such as jewelry, drugs, the throwing of money. I know it is awesome for a rapper to have the financial liberties to purchase a chain worth thousands of dollars. However, I find it challenging for me to see the deeper symbolic …

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When it comes to music, there’s definitely no shortage of tips that can be helpful and fruitful for you as you build yourself as an artist, whether it be creatively or professionally. While the industry has shifted immensely in recent years, nothing substitutes experience, drive and old school work ethic. I know on the surface …

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