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The Power of Meditation & What It Can Do For Artists & Creatives

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If the past few years have taught humans anything, its that we’re a highly emotional and expressive race of beings. As much as “civilized” society tries to elude us to the idea of normality and obedience amongst one another, we’re continually being proven every day that there’s nothing uniform in the way we behave in …

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Over the past couple of years or so, there’s been a growing movement to promote more conscientious behavior amongst the unsuspecting masses. Everything from changing dietary habits to enrich ones personal health and make changes to the food and farming industries, to practicing more mindful and spiritually illuminating exercises like yoga or meditation. While spirituality …

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By Jon Schwarz CHUCK GRASSLEY, a Republican senator from Iowa, is known on Twitter for expressing his yearning for the History Channel to finally show some history. Here are two of his many tweets on this subject:   Just love history. So occasionally I turn to history channel. “mud cats” when wi they put history back …

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